This blog is about process. In art and maybe thought. The quasi-dictionary definitions are to describe the 'feeling' part of the process because there is always an emotional/passionate component beyond the tools and materials. What is it that got this particular piece off the ground? What was the personal involvement? In reading bios/artist's statements, I sort of get lost in the language, so I decided to make this one served by the K.I.S.S. 'one word' principle for each piece.

As for biography, I have had a great life, great friends and teachers, great parents, great husband, great kids and grandkids. Seattle born and permanently attached to living in California. Great high school art program that directed my path. I do lots of stuff. I love it. It's a journey.

Favorite quotes, both from Emil Zola:

"An artist is nothing without the gift, and the gift is nothing without the work."


"If you ask me what I can be in this world, I, an artist, will answer you. I am here to live out loud."

I think both of those quotes have to do with being unafraid. "Today is the day to do it." —carole dwinell

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


with Artists' Books

 — 1. to exercise or employ oneself in diversion, amusement, toy; trifle.
 — 2. to act or sustain (a part) in a dramatic performance or in real life.

How fun to make an artists' book out of hanging sale tags. They're cardboard so it's a case of trees, to paper, to 'trees'! I attached the edges with Tyvek ® scraps and hid that with paper rush to make an accordion type binding behind the bark-looking tree trunks. Some raffia grass and prehistoric looking offcuts and we have traveled to the Arizona desert

Embellished with handmade paper (yes, by me), lots and LOTS of teeny leaves glued to waxed linen cord with my poem about Canyon de Chelly, of course ... and voilá ... it's a BOOK!

The colophon is a pull-up from behind the rock on the panel to the right. To top it off, it has its very own case. 

I think I'll make a forest.